Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dry River Road

Stonecrop is a small 20 acre vineyard situated on the edge of an ancient riverbed on the renowned Dry River Road, Martinborough. The gravely, deep, free-draining soils combined with the cool maritime climate and low rainfall allow us to produce wines of exceptional quality.

Soil scientists discovered a direct connection to Burgundy, an almost identical mix of free-draining river gravels, temperature and rainfall. Excellent concentration, structure, complexity and texture set Martinborough wines apart - low cropping levels, unique soils and climate consistently ensure these qualities are found in the wines of the Wairarapa region.
There are other Burgundian connections, including the boutique scale and strong family ties to land, vines and wines.  Wines from Martinborough are renowned as premium wines with an international reputation 
that far outweighs its tiny production levels.

Stonecrop is a member of the New Zealand Sustainable Winegrowing programme and is an accredited SWNZ vineyard. The practice of Sustainable Winegrowing helps to improve the performance of our vineyard with a focus on the conservation of natural resources.

We are committed to using natural methods to control pests and diseases, which means a reduction of chemicals and sprays, creating a healthy environment for soil and vines resulting in the production of the best quality grapes possible and the production of world class
pinot noir, sauvignon blanc and rosé wines.

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