Monday, October 5, 2015

A Fine Montauk Summer

One for the record books - Day after day of glorious weather, every day a beach day, every evening dining outside. The fruit trees produced a hefty and healthy crop as did the tomato vines. We had a small beet crop but they were gorgeous golden and ruby gems. The wild arugula gave us salad each day and the shiso leaves were picked and made into batches of pesto (using pistachios and miso) some frozen so we can enjoy that exotic flavor during the winter months. The fresh, green, fennel seeds were harvested and used in the bread. Beach plums were picked and made into jelly and bbq sauce. Now we are well into fall and the fishing is starting to heat up, the bluefish are easy to catch and are perfect for smoking, a few batches of pâté have been made and shared with friends. But we are eager to catch some Stripers. Goodbye summer 2015, it was swell.
 Golden and red beets with kale - white peach and burrata - paired with our 2015 pinot noir rosé
 White peach, Bartlett pear and tomato 
 Grilled white peach, burrata and wild arugula salad - Loosely based on an Alice Waters recipe
 The 'bread' made every week without fail - using the fresh fennel seeds, other ingredients: flax seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, some pickle juice, white and wholemeal flours.
 Nashi pears

 Local skate, dusted with paprika, beefsteaks and a sicilian cauliflower dish with black olives.
 Local Montauk clams - Vongole
One afternoon's white peach harvest 
  Iacono chicken, tomato, homemade croutons and white peach salad.
 Red beet salad with avocado and salad greens
 Beach plums
 Smoked bluefish pâté