Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Simple Label

What's in a label?

Stonecrop - The vineyard sits on the edge of an ancient river bed, during geological upheavals blocks of greywacke, a grey sandstone, were deposited creating a river of gravel and stones.

Rosé - Our rosé is made with our own handpicked pinot noir grapes. 
Description: delicate aromas of rose petal and cherry complement citrus flavors and a crisp refreshing finish. 

Dry River Road - The renowned Dry River Road the original site of the iconic Dry River Road Wines.
It aptly describes the gravely and free-draining site.

Martinborough - An hours drive from Wellington it's a wine village packed with colonial charm, most of the vineyards are family owned with a focus on quality not quantity, also home to some of New Zealand's best pinot noir.