Friday, May 27, 2016

Good Company

Our 2015 Rosé in good company at Sherry Lehmann Wine & Spirits on Park Avenue, New York City.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Stonecrop Perfect Pairings

Having a number of fishermen neighbors and friends we often find ourselves the 
fortunate recipients of the freshest fish. 

In the Montauk community there's always a constant swapping of bread, wine, fish, produce, honey, eggs, herbs - It makes all the difference to the cooking and dining experience when you know your fisherman, beekeeper, chicken keeper, bread maker, vegetable gardener, oh, and winemaker.

All recipes tried and tested in the Stonecrop kitchen.

Fresh cod with braised celery hearts with anchovies, grainy mustard and capers
Roasted cumin, buttered carrots
A lentil recipe from Saveur mag - lavender, roasted beets with lentils

 Miso, sake grilled salmon
Toasted barley with cauliflower, corn and black olives
The first of the arugula from our garden

Skate with brown butter and paprika
Black rice with sweet potatoes, soy and sesame oil
Brussels sprout and romaine caesar