Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Big Mac

At the entrance to Stonecrop vineyard sits our big old Macrocarpa aka Big Mac.
Back in 2003 when we planted our vines we also started a native New Zealand garden, planting in the plot around Big Mac. New Zealand native plants are know for their foliage, form and structure. Lancewood, Lacebark, Hebe, Kowhia, Muehlenbeckia, Coprosma, Flax and Ferns 
were just some of the trees and shrubs that we planted. 
Thirteen years on most of them are thriving, we did have some winter casualties and some were a tasty snack for the sheep next door, but the New Zealand native plants add another dimension to the entrance at Stonecrop, especially the divaricating plants (wide angled and intertangled) such as Muehlenbeckia and Coprosma, creating a dynamic tapestry
as you enter before approaching the vines.